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Our Comprehensive Nail Care Services

Looking to cut your dog’s nails near you? Skip the search and pamper your pup’s paws with our gentle and quick dog nail trims at Hachi Dog Grooming in Kendall.! 

Our gentle and expert dog nail trimming services ensure healthy, happy paws – and less damage to your furniture.

Essential Nail Trimming

A cleaning and soothing experience using gentle, cat-friendly products.

Full Paw Package

Professional hair trimming to keep your cat cool and comfortable.

Pawsome Extras

Precise nail trims to protect your cat and your furniture.

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Essential Dog Nail Trimming Services

Our Essential Dog Nail Trimming service keeps your furry friend’s claws healthy and comfortable with a quick and delicate touch.

Our skilled groomers use professional techniques and calm handling to ensure a stress-free experience for all breeds and sizes

Keeping nails at a proper length can reduce unwanted scratching of furniture or people.

Paw-fect care from experienced groomers! 

Hachi Dog Grooming delivers gentle, precise dog nail trims using professional techniques and calming approaches. 

Trust us to keep your pup’s paws healthy and happySchedule your dog’s nail trim today!

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Full Paw Package

Treat your furry friend to paw-some luxury with our Full Paw Package! This pampering experience goes beyond a basic trim, offering expert care and pampering touches for relaxed and healthy paws. Includes:

  • Expert Nail Trimming
  • Soothing Paw Massage
  • Moisturizing Paw Pad Balm

Expert Nail Trimming

Our skilled groomers gently and precisely trim or grind your dog’s nails ensuring comfort and optimal length.

Soothing Paw Massage

Improve circulation and relaxation with a gentle paw massage using calming strokes and pressure.

Moisturizing Paw Pad Balm

Nourish and protect dry, cracked, or irritated paw pads with a deeply hydrating balm formulated for canine needs.

Nourish and protect dry, cracked, or irritated paw pads with a deeply hydrating balm formulated for canine needs.

Pawsome Add-ons

Want to add extra flair? Choose from our exciting Pawsome Add-ons:

For Sensitive Pups

  • Nail Grinding
  • Accommodations

For Fashionable Pups

  • Glitter Nail Polish
  • Colorful Nail Polish

For Pampered Pups

  • Paw Pad Balm
  • Paw massages

Contact us if you have questions about our Service for Cutting Dog Nails

Happy Paws = Happy Pup!: The Benefits of Dog Nail Trimming


Pain-free Steps:

Trims prevent ingrown nails that hurt with every walk.


No More Wrecks

Say goodbye to click-clacks and scratches! 


Confident Prance

Better grip & balance equals happy prancing! 


Reduced anxiety

Regular trims can also improve their overall well-being.


Improved hygiene

Trimming keeps paws clean and healthy

Cat Nail Trimming Services

Purrfectly Trimmed Claws for Your Feline Friend!

Don’t let overgrown claws cause discomfort for your cat or damage your furniture. Our gentle and expert Cat Nail Trimming service ensures happy paws and peace of mind for both you and your kitty.

Schedule your cat’s nail trimming appointment today!

We offer flexible scheduling and competitive prices to make pawfect paw care easy.

 Walk-in Dog Nail Trimming at Hachi in Kendall


Looking for quick and convenient nail care for your furry friend? We offer walk-in nail trimming near you in Kendall, so you can skip the hassle of scheduling an appointment!

Just stop by during our regular business hours, and our experienced groomers will be happy to take care of your pup’s paws.

Here is how it works

Just drop in, relax in our waiting area while your pup gets friendly attention, and our skilled groomers will quickly and gently trim their nails in about 15 mins #pawsitivelyconvenient

Why choose walk-in nail trimming at Hachi?

Our walk-in dog nail trims let you skip appointments and wait times. Experienced groomers gently and precisely care for your pup’s paws while you relax in our comfortable waiting area.


  • While appointments are not required for walk-in nail trims, calling ahead can help reduce your wait time.
  • Please note that for highly anxious dogs or complex cases, an appointment is required for a dedicated session.
  • Additional paw care services such as nail polish, or paw moisturizing balm are only available with appointments.

Don’t let overgrown nails slow them down! Our walk-in nail trimming option makes keeping your dog’s paws healthy and comfortable a breeze.

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Discover why we’re a top choice for dog grooming service in Kendall.

Get inspired for your furry friend’s next pet grooming service and witness the exceptional results that set us apart.

Dog Nail Trimming FAQs: All Your Paw-sitive Questions Answered!

What is the difference between trimming, clipping, and grinding dog nails?

Trimming is a general term for shortening the nail. Clipping uses clippers to physically cut the tip, while grinding uses a rotary tool to gradually shorten and smooth the nail. We offer both clipping and grinding options depending on your dog’s needs and preferences.

What is quicking, and why is it important to avoid it?

The quick is the sensitive, blood vessel-filled area inside the nail. Our experienced groomers are trained to identify and avoid the quick during trimming, ensuring a pain-free and safe experience for your dog.

What's the difference between grinding and smoothing dog nails?

Both grinding and smoothing aim to reduce sharp edges and discomfort after trimming your dog’s nails. This uses a rotary tool with a sanding attachment to gradually shorten and smooth the entire nail surface. 

Do you offer dog nail polishing?

We offer nail polishing as an optional service upon request. While it doesn’t affect nail health, it adds a decorative touch and makes your dog’s paws shiny. We use non-toxic, pet-safe polish and can discuss various color options if you’re interested.

How much does a walk-in nail trim cost for my dog in The Hammocks?

Our prices for individual Nail Trimming start at $15, it can vary depending on the size of the dog or the time it could take the trimming.

Can I drop in for a nail trim without an appointment, even on weekends?

Yes, but we always ask to give us a call first so we could be prepare and you do not wait much time.

My dog gets anxious around strangers. Do you have experience handling nervous pups for nail trims?

Don’t worry! Our groomers are highly experienced in handling nervous pups for nail trims. We employ gentle techniques and calming approaches. Please get in contact with us, we wil lbe happy to explain these more.

Do you offer any discounts or promotions for first-time customers?

Yes we offer some promotions, please refere to our Hachi Promotions page for more information.

For more questions about our grooming services please reade the Grooming FAQ page. You can also call us and we will be happy to provide more information.

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